Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 31 to 35:

Education is more important today than ever before. It gives them the specialized training they may need to (31)_______ for a job or career. For example, a person must meet certain educational requirements and obtain a license or certificate before he can practice law or medicine. Many fields, like computer operation or police work, (32)_______ satisfactory completion of special training courses. Education is also important (33)_______ it helps people get more out of life. It increases their knowledge and understanding of the world. It helps them acquire the skills that make life more interesting and enjoyable, such as the skills needed to participate in a sport, paint a picture, or play a musical instrument. Such education becomes (34)_______ important as people gain more and more leisure time. Education also helps people adjust to change. This habit has become necessary because social changes today take place with increasing speed and affect the lives of more and more people. Education can help a person understand these changes and provide him (35)____the skills for adjusting to them.

Question 35: 


A: with


B:  for


C: in 


D: to

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:A
Lời giải:

Đáp án A

Education can help a person understand these changes and provide him (35)_______ the skills for adjusting to them. [ Giáo dục có thể giúp 1 người hiểu những thay đổi này và cung cấp cho anh ta kỹ năng cho việc thích nghi với chúng] Cấu trúc: provide sb with st. 

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