Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

          The new national educational system in Vietnam (1) ________of five sub-systems: Pre-school education, General Education (with the structure 5-4-3-4), Vocational education, Higher education, and Continuing education.
          Pre-school education is 3 years and Kindergarten for 3 years. From 6 years old children (2)_______ admitted to primary education (5 years) leading to the certificate of primary education. After that most of them (3) ______ to the basic secondary education (4 years) and some of them (4)__________ be admitted to vocational training for 1 year. Finishing basic secondary education with the (5)________ some of those children can continue specialized secondary education or upper secondary school general for 3 years or technical 3-4 years or vocational for 3-4 year. In (6) ___________ some of them may be admitted to vocational training for 1-2 years. Finishing upper secondary education usually at the (7)_________ of 18 or after 12 years of schooling pupils have to take the national school leaving examination. With a diploma from upper secondary school or diploma of general education a student can (8)__________ part in the entrance exams of higher education institutions. For under-graduate level there is (9)_________ short-term higher education (3 year) or long-term higher education (4-6 years) of regular full-time education or part-time education. For (10) __________level there are Master’s programs (2 years) and doctoral programs (2-4 years).


1. A. consists          B. includes             C. gathers                D. combines

2. A. is                    B. are                     C. have                    D. were

3. A. enter              B. postpone           C. continue               D. depart

4. A. ought             B. must                   C.gathers                D. may

5. A. degree           B. certificate            C. diploma               D. licence

6. A. addition          B. plus                    C. conclusion           D. multiple

7. A. year               B. age                     C. annual                 D. yearly

8. A. do                  B. make                   C. carry                   D. take

9. A. both               B. neither                C. either                  D. whether

10. A. graduate     B. post-graduate      C. undergraduate   D. pre-graduate


1. A                2. D                      3. A                       4. C                    5. B

6. C                7. D                      8. C                      9. B                    10. A


1. D                2. D                      3. C                       4. A                    5. D

6. A                7. B                      8. D                       9. C                    10. A


1. A                2. B                      3. D                       4. D                    5. B

6. C                7. A                      8. C                      9. B                    10. A


1. A                2. B                      3. C                       4. D                   5. B

6. A                7. B                      8. D                      9. C                   10. B

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:D
Lời giải:

1. consists             2. are              3. continue              4. may             5. certificate

6. addition            7. age              8. take                     9. either         10. post-graduate

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