Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

         Every day one quarter of the total population of Vietnam is directly (1)________ in formal education and training activities, (2)_______ as students or teachers. Education is an important part of the society. It is a major preoccupation of government and is a highly valued and respected (3)__________ in Vietnamese society. The Vietnam education and training sector is large, present in almost every village and (4)________ virtually every family. There are almost 18 million students in the education system and over 0.5 million teachers and instructors. The (5)______ of the education system is 5-4-3 i.e., five years of primary education (grades 1-5) (6)__________ by four years of lower secondary (grades 6-9), and three years of upper secondary (grades 10-12). Higher education programs (7)_________  between two and six years.
           Government spending (8)_________ education and training grew rapidly during
the 1990's and in 1995 education and training's share of the overall discretionary State (9)________ was about 12 percent or about 3.5% of GDP. Household expenditure on education and formal cos-trecovery adds a (10)_______ 2.5% of GDP. Thus, aggregate expenditures of education in 1995 were approximately 6% of GDP with households meeting 43% of overall educational expenditures.


1. A. focused             B. included                C. involved                   D. combined
2. A. either                B. both                      C. neither                     D. also
3. A. performance     B. activity                   C. occupation               D. business
4. A. meets               B.reaches                   C. touches                   D. conquers
5. A. formation          B. target                    C. construction             D. structure
6. A. followed            B. reduced                 C. increased                 D. changed
7. A. extend              B. last                        C. widen                       D. form
8. A. at                      B. for                         C. with                          D. on
9. A. budget              B. loan                       C. pocket                      D. allowance
10. A. more               B. farther                   C. further                      D. fewer


1. D                2. A                      3. C                        4. B                    5. B

6. A                7. C                      8. D                        9. A                    10. B


1. D                2. A                      3. B                        4. B                    5. D

6. A                7. B                      8. D                        9. A                    10. C


1. C                2. A                      3. C                        4. C                    5. B

6. A                7. C                      8. D                        9. A                    10. B


1. C                2. A                      3. B                        4. C                    5. D

6. A                7. B                      8. D                        9. A                    10. C

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:D
Lời giải:

1. involved          2. either               3. activity              4. touches             5. structure

6. followed          7. last                  8. on                     9. budget               10. futher

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