Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 31 to 35:

One of the hottest topics on the international development agenda is how to harness the power of International Monetary Fund for the benefit of developing countries. What is sometimes called “the death of distance”, brought about by the Internet, allow professional services such as (31) ________ education and training to be provided easily and quickly to (32) ________ areas. Some of the gains can be seen in countries as diverse as India and Morocco, where innovations range from (33) ________ government announcements to local craftsmen selling their wares to a (34)________ market. But already a huge and expanding digital divide is opening up between developed and developing nations. The major tasks facing world leaders at present is to supply everybody on the planet with clean water, basic education and the drugs needed to fight preventable diseases. Installing a modem in every classroom and linking us to (35) ________ must be a lesser criteria at least.  

Question 34:        


A. shrinking                          


B. technical


C. village


D. global

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:D
Lời giải:

Đáp án D

Giải thích: A. shrinking: đang giảm. B. technical: công nghệ. C. village: làng. D. global: toàn cầu. global market: thị trường toàn cầu    

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